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About R2L

R2L's mission is to create seismic change in your business. Combining years of problem solving experience with custom strategy, technology, design and high-end execution to turbo-charge your progress.

We've been in your shoes

We've been in your shoes

We are entrepreneurs who have built and sold enterprise and consumer products. We aren’t agency lifers, but we do love helping people solve their problems.

We've been in your shoes

We make your ideas a reality.

We help you transform a sketch on a whiteboard into usable code that delights your customers or makes your employees lives that much easier.

We've been in your shoes

We focus on the margin

Your business lives or dies on the ability to execute that last 10%, 5% or even incremental 2% better than your competition. We don’t stop until you win.

What We Do

Our core team has worked together for the past 4 years. We liked each other so much we decided to start a company together. Blending our skill sets allows us to handle any project.

Application Development

Brand Strategy

UX / UI Design

Sales and Marketing

Who We Are

A team of good looking, smart entrepreneurs, that can flat-out execute. #FACTS

Ross Karel

Executive Founder


A technology executive that can move quickly to understand business problems, build customized solutions, define scope, manage multiple projects, teams and individuals while executing efficiently, on budget, and at a high level.


Todd Heyden

Executive Founder


Leader and innovator specializing in sales, biz dev, marketing, communications and branding.


Wayne Ward

Creative Founder


Extensive work for clients including Kanye West, Rihanna, John Legend, Black Eyed Peas, Jump Smokers, Coca-Cola, Comcast, Illinois Lottery, Nike Basketball, Jive Records, CBS Radio, Live Nation Entertainment and more.


Vamsi Nadimpalli

Technology Founder


Vamsi graduated from UIUC with a BS in Computer Engineering in 2005 and has been in software development ever since, from multinational enterprise companies to 3-person startups.


Carson Junginger

Technology Founder


A technological jack-of-all-trades delivering turnkey technology solutions to clients by using full stack, user-centered design and development. Skills include software architecture & development, UX/UI design, and infrastructure planning.

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We come together everyday to make things happen for the brands we represent. Our passion lies in generating new ideas that help transform your business and help you reach and/or exceed your goals. We have a unique ability to find and then focus on the margin to capture an edge over your competitors.

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